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Van Orden 1

Description of the Van Orden 1 exercise in the Opto vision training app for iPad. 

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Van Orden 1

Developed exclusively for Opto. Available now for iPad!


The Van Orden technique demonstrates how space is projected with the two eyes. Information on eye position (phoria) and sensory fusion (suppression) are apparent. 

The iPad screen presents a white field with two peripherally visible columns of targets. Each column contains eleven equally spaced targets separated by 148mm (the traditional pattern).

Patients are asked to match one of the sets of colourful shapes and draw a line between them until the line looks (not feels) like it touches. The app does not instruct the user which shapes to connect or the order in which to do so. Instead, the vision care specialist can guide the patient in whatever sequence the clinician prefers. 

Tip: Do this exercise standing up! This exercise makes excellent use of the Stereoscope for iPad in a vertically mounted position. The Stereoscope for iPad stand features a strong magnetic base that can be attached to any flat magnet-friendly surface such as a magnetic white board or filing cabinet.

Required hardware: Stereoscope for iPad


Cody, age 7, using the Van Orden 1 exercise during home practice. 

Cody, age 7, using the Van Orden 1 exercise during home practice. 

Modes: Basic, Fusion Circle, Base Out Fusion, Base In Fusion

Basic: plain white background

Fusion Circle: a circle is displayed on each side of the screen

BO Fusion: two rings are displayed as a simple base out fusion target

BI Fusion: two rings are displayed as a simple base in fusion target



The Van Orden 1 exercise report includes a screenshot of the patient's drawing along with rulers indicating both centimetres and prism diopters (see screenshot). Like all activities in Opto, the date and duration of the exercise is also logged. A patient assessment will be recorded if the user is signed into his/her personal profile. 

To watch video in HD, watch on Youtube. Click on the gear icon in the player and choose 720p.

Sample screenshots:


Download Opto for iPad to access the Van Orden 1 exercise.