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Gerull Labs LLC (G-Labs) Modern Vision Therapy resources for Apple iPad.


Student Discount

Student and school discount on Stereoscope for iPad Kits and Card Adaptors. Available to staff and students of any optometry school.

20% off for Optometry Students

Exclusive Promo Code- enter STUDENT20 at checkout.


We are Gerull Labs LLC, but our friends call us G-Labs. At G-Labs, we create modern tools used in vision training and other vision care fields. Our Stereoscope for iPad and Opto, the vision training app, are updating well-proven techniques to create a more engaging and effective experience using the most advanced technology. 

In today's world, great vision is key to both our physical and digital environments. Our tools are designed to help children and adults succeed in both. G-Labs wants to recognize you as the next generation of vision care leaders. That's why we are offering an exclusive 20% discount on our Stereoscope for iPad kits and our Card Adaptors.

G-Labs is constantly innovating, so we welcome your input. Please connect with us, we love to hear from you!

Please note: proof of student status will be required via e-mail once your order is placed. Please reference your order number and send a copy of your student ID to Happy shopping!