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Anaglyph Line Images - Soccer Players

Description of the "Anaglyph Line Images 1 - Soccer Players" exercise in the Opto vision training app for iPad. 

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Red/Cyan Soccer Players

Developed exclusively for Opto. Available now for iPad! 


This exercise features some fun and simple characters for anaglyph viewing practice.

For exact vergence demands in each image, when viewed at 40cm, click here.


Required hardware: red/cyan glasses



Basic mode: View the images one at a time. Use forward and back arrows to navigate between the 6 available images.

Dynamic mode: The separation of the red/cyan is controlled by a slider. Tap and hold the image to drag them to any area on the screen.



Like all activities in Opto, a report is generated including the date and duration of the exercise. A patient assessment is also recorded if the user is signed into his/her personal profile.


Sample screenshots:


Download Opto for iPad to access the "Anaglyph Line Images 1 - Soccer Players" exercise.