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Gerull Labs LLC (G-Labs) Modern Vision Therapy resources for Apple iPad.


About Our App - Opto

Learn all about Opto, the most comprehensive iPad app for vision therapy exercises and diagnostics!

Opto Pro is an innovative app developed for iPad. Throughout the world, professional vision specialists use Opto to work with their patients in an engaging, fun, and effective way.

What's in Opto Pro? Click here to check out our In-App Exercises available now in Opto.


Opto is quickly growing to be the most versatile vision training tool. The library of exercises, diagnostics, and activities within the app is continually growing based on feedback from users. Our goal is to provide vision specialists with as many resources as possible in one convenient, mobile tool. Is there something not yet in the Opto library that you would like to see? Please contact us with your feedback and suggestions


Using Opto in a vision therapy clinic.

Using Opto in a vision therapy clinic.


  • Up to 200 user profiles on one iPad

  • Customize a routine for each patient to do at home on their own device

  • Accurate results and logging of every activity including date, duration, outcome, and screen captures

  • Easily accessible help section for every exercise

  • An ever-growing library of exercise, games, and therapy tools


Would you like to know more?

Watch the video above or read on to learn more about Opto for iPad.

     The Opto Pro Library is currently organized into in 3 main categories of resources: red/cyan, stereoscope, and other. You can also search for a specific exercise by typing in the search box. Tap on any exercise to see a description. More detailed clinical descriptions and how-to videos are also available on our website. In the description box, you will also be informed if this activity requires any additional hardware such as red/cyan glasses or the g-labs Stereoscope for iPad. Some exercises do not require any additional equipment. To purchase any required hardware, visit our online store.

To allow you to customize the experience to the needs of your practice, you choose which exercises you would like to purchase for your library.

Once an item is purchased, it is yours for unlimited use.

In the settings, turn on clinic mode to launch exercises directly from the library screen, or create a personal profile to customize individual practice routines.

You can create multiple user profiles, and build a separate routine for each patient.

Add one of the exercises that you own to My Routine by tapping the [+] button. A check mark appears to show that it is added. Swipe right to left to access your routine. You can add, remove, and re-order your activities at any time.

Results for each exercise completed are recorded in the reports section (to access the reports, look for the icon in the upper right that looks like a paper). The date, duration, results, and even a screenshot when applicable, are saved for your reference. If a user is signed in to his or her profile, they will also get to indicate their personal feelings on the difficulty of the exercise. You can print or email these reports directly from Opto, wether you are in the clinic or practicing at home.

Opto Pro is a collaborative endeavor by the G-Labs team and the worldwide vision care community. We would love to hear your suggestions, ideas, and comments. With your help, we will continue to grow the library within Opto Pro and provide you with resources to make your practice more modern, engaging, and effective.