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Gerull Labs LLC (G-Labs) Modern Vision Therapy resources for Apple iPad.


Frequently asked questions about G-Labs (Gerull Labs LLC) and our products. 

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Can I use my iPad mini?

Opto is designed for full size iPads only. iPad minis are not recommended and some exercises may not display properly.


Do I need to purchase a G-Labs Stereoscope to use the Opto pro app?

No. Not all of the tools in the app use a stereoscope. Some require 3D glasses (Red/Cyan or Red/Blue), others require no accessories at all! If any special equipment is required, it will be noted in the description of each exercise. 


When will more items be added to the Opto pro Library?

More items are in production now and will be added regularly! Is there something you would like to see included? Please send us a message and let us know!


Once I have purchased a subscription within the app, how many uses of each exercise do I get?

Unlimited. Once you have purchased an exercise there is no limit to how much you can use it within your subscription period.


How many use profiles can be stored on one iPad?

Up to 200 user profiles may be stored at any given time. Profiles include a user name, profile picture, and the ability to create/save a customized practice routine. Profiles may be deleted once they are no longer required. 


For my patients to use Opto at home, do I have to lend them my iPad?

Each clinic may have a different policy. Some recommend patients download the app on their own iPad and purchase their own monthly subscription which can be cancelled when they no longer require the app. Other clinics have multiple iPads in their clinic which they allow patients to borrow after signing an agreement regarding damaged/lost items.


how can i access my purchased exercises from a new or ADDITIONAL ipad?

Apple allows you to associate your iTunes account with several devices. Once you purchase a subscription, it will be available on devices that are signed in to the same iTunes account. Simply use the "Restore Purchased Exercises" button in the settings screen of Opto Pro. For detailed instructions on how to restore your purchased exercises on a new or additional device, please watch this short video.


What are the system/hardware requirements to run the Opto pro app?

Opto Pro is optimized for use on all 9.7" iPads running iOS 8 or higher. Opto will run on non-retina display iPads and the 9.7" iPad Pro. However, the anaglyph (red/cyan) activities, however, may not cancel as well as they do on retina displays.


When will the app and stereoscope be available?

Both Opto and the Stereoscope for iPad are available now! Download Opto on the app store and order your Stereoscope for iPad here on our website. For future updates and special offers, please join our mailing list


is opto intended for use in the clinic or for home practice?

Both! While Opto is specifically designed for use only under the guidance of a vision care professional, built in features allow patients to easily use Opto at home for practice between clinic visits. Learn more about setting up a personalized practice routine in our About Opto video.