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Gerull Labs LLC (G-Labs) Modern Vision Therapy resources for Apple iPad.

Anaglyph Fish

Description of the "Anaglyph Fish" exercise in the Opto vision training app for iPad. 

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Anaglyph Fish

Developed exclusively for Opto. Available now for iPad! 


This exercise features some fun and simple characters for anaglyph viewing practice.


Required hardware: red/cyan glasses

How to Purchase: Available as an in-app purchase in Opto, the vision training app for iPad. Download Opto and find Eccentric Circles in the in-app library of exercises. Available as an individual exercise ($4.99 USD) or at a discounted rate in Expansion Bundle 1 ($79.99 USD).


Interactive mode: View the images one at a time. Use forward and back arrows to navigate between the 6 available images.

Dynamic mode: One large target is displayed. The fusion demand is controlled by a slider. You may also tap and hold the image to drag it to any area on the screen.



Like all activities in Opto, a report is generated including the date and duration of the exercise. A patient assessment is also recorded if the user is signed into his/her personal profile.


Sample screenshots:


Download Opto for iPad to access the "Anaglyph Fish" exercise.