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Gerull Labs LLC (G-Labs) Modern Vision Therapy resources for Apple iPad.

3D Movie 1

Description of the 3D Movie 1 exercise in Opto the vision training app. Featuring video from Beyond Borders 3D Film School in South Africa. 

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3D Movie 1

Developed exclusively for Opto. Available now for iPad!


G-Labs is proud to partner with Beyond Borders Film School in South Africa- the first and only 3D wildlife film school in the world!

Patients of all ages will be captivated by Atlas, a monkey who found freedom in the Western Cape of South Africa, after the zoo where he was held captive closed down. Watch this cute and intelligent creature as he enjoys his home at the beautiful Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary in Plettenburg, South Africa.

This video is 1 minute in length and plays on a continuous loop for uninterrupted stereo viewing practice.


Required hardware: Stereoscope for iPad



Like all activities in Opto, a report is generated including the date and duration spent on the exercise. A patient assessment is also recorded if the user is signed into his/her personal profile.


Sample screenshots (watermark does not appear in actual video):


Download Opto for iPad now to access the 3D Movie 1 exercise.